Legionella Compliance

Primec have specialised in the control of Legionnaires Disease since 2006
Our client base varies from Corporate PLC, Council, Healthcare and Education premises across the UK.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Our service includes site inspection by an assessor, preparation of the documentation and an implementation plan to be compliant.

Legionella Monitoring & Control

Our qualified engineers can undertake monitoring and control tasks logging all documentation within a Primec issued Log book. Non-Compliance issues will be documented and remedy assured.

Water Sampling & Analytical Services

Our services include, specification and recommendation of water treatment equipment, initial water softener installation and ongoing preventative maintenance and support.

Legionella Awareness Training

We offer Legionella awareness training specific to you site and team. This will include theory and practical training relevant to your site plant.

Legionella Remedial Works

Primec offer a complete turnkey service on any remedial works that may be highlighted within a Legionella risk assessment from dead legs/pipework modification to cold water storage tank replacement.

Water Treatment

We offer a spectrum of services for chemical water treatment providing a high standard of service and being value for money.

Chlorine Dioxide Dosing Equipment

At Primec we supply and install systems suitable for your building requirements, whether it being a base system, a redox system or a proportional dosing system. Our fully trained field engineers will maintain the system on a scheduled basis, undertaking servicing, testing, safe handling, and dosing of required chemicals. With this service we operate a 24hr communication framework.

Pre-Commission Cleaning

To comply with the BSRIA guideline BG29 we offer a comprehensive flushing, sampling and dosing service to include best practice throughout the project.

Closed System Analytical Services

Planned maintenance services visits for chemical & bacterial testing to Chilled & LTHW systems to guidelines BSRIA BG50/BS8552.2012

Closed System Chemical Dosing

Supply and on site dosing of Chemical to Chilled & LTHW systems. We also offer a chemical supply and deliver service to customers that operate there own plant.

Chemical Descaling

On site Chemical descaling services to plant where equipment has lost efficiency through scale build up

Water Softeners

Our services include, specification and recommendation of water treatment equipment, initial water softener installation and ongoing preventative maintenance and support.

Ductwork Cleaning

We offer a professional ductwork cleaning service for ventilation systems, kitchen extracts systems to air hygiene surveys and fire damper testing
For advise or a free survey please do contact us.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

The regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen extraction systems is essential on both hygiene and fire safety grounds because during continued use over a sustained period of time grease and other flammable substances accumulate within the ductwork, creating health and fire hazards. Our experienced team of engineers will first assess your business then advise and recommend which cleaning regime is best suited to your circumstances. Primec has extensive knowledge of the effect of different types of food and cooking usage, this alongside recommendations from the BESA [HVCA] form the basis of maintenance program to keep fire risks to a minimum and hygiene at the highest level.

Ductwork Cleaning

The cleaning methods we use are of the latest technology causing the minimum of disruption to building occupants working to the specification as outlined in the BESA [HVCA] publication- Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems TR/19

Fire Damper Testing

Primec can provide essential fire damper testing to your system/s to meet compliance requirements as outlined in BS9999

Pre/Post Clean Reports

After all works are completed we will issue a photographic report which will include recommendations

Air Hygiene Surveys

Our comprehensive air hygiene program covers testing for ventilation air quality in compliance with TR/19 ensuring that reasonable yet not excessive levels of cleanliness are maintained, thus keeping costs to a minimum. By method of a vacuum test (V.T) or by deposit thickness test (D.T.T)for ventilation system surface conditions we can establish if a ventilation system requires regular monitoring or cleaning.

About Us

Our customer approach is consultative and considerate. We work as an extension of your team and we aim to be responsive, flexible and sensitive to your working practices. Our high-performance and experienced teams are tailored to meet your project's individual construction requirements. By listening and learning, we strive to deliver exactly what you want - working to your budget, adapting to your specific requirements, and committing to your critical timetables. Most importantly, we apply best practices for every customer.


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